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Valuable contribution of Dr. Vdovins Clinics in creation of modern medical information society PDF Печать E-mail
Медицина - О НАС
Автор: http://whiteclinic.ru/   
04.08.2008 10:24

The concept of medical informatics is a relatively new in the language of contemporary man. Despite the general use of this term, it’s meaning remains not clear because of it’s novelty. Intuitively clear, that it’s connected with information and it’s processing

The explosion in the amount of information circulating in all spheres of human activity (“information boom”), has led to the informatization of the society.

Our goal is participation in the creation of information society, where most people are engaged in production and have no possibility to visit medicial centres constantly and waste precious time in doctor`s consulting rooms. That’s why we are developing new methods and algorithms for diagnostic searching, we are transforming the information in the concrete steps of your examination to realize it in practic.

Perception and processing of Your messages with the analysis of information field, keeping of information and presentation (if consumer of information is a human) are scope of our activities.

Processing messages


Input and handlng of your messages, information field analysis are the spheres of our work

There are several types of complexity of the processing:

Primary: check the correctness of the information presented

Partial: the same check as the primary plus the definition of the patient’s status in the message and the status of the message:

1. The role of the patient (primary/secondary)

2. Specificity of the message

3. The presence of the patient photos (visualization of the data and the pathological process)

4. The message’s conflict

5. The volume of the message

6. Nature of the frequency reference of events, that happened with the patient (development of the pathological process)

7. Definition of the character of references in the development of the disease or the pathological condition.

Full: the same as the partial plus definition of the links of growth of the disease, mentioned in the message, including:

8. Possible origin of the disease

9. The complexity and complications during the illness

10. Factors that influenced on the development of pathological process

11. The state of organs and systems during the disease

12. Prognosis of the patient’s state in future

13. Timely reminder of the need of performing next planned or emergency survey

14. Review of the conflict situation

15. Determination of financial relations

Storage of the information

Data presented by the patient for valuation of messages and objects of information analysis form knowledge’s base in our system.

Removing of the knowledge

Removing of the knowledge take place during the work and after the data processing.

1. Complicated – take place after an in-depth examination of information, which have been received from the patient, and form our plan for the necessary examinations, specialists’ consultations. These consultations are based on general and collateral pathology and identification of steps for implementation of produced tactics in further actions of our patient.

- The definition of potential of our patient’s region

- Calculation of conditions that influence our examination (or our treatment) and that will have a beneficial impact on the implementation of health-care activities

- Construction of maps of the patient's interaction with hospitals.

2. Plain – online-consultations

The result of co-work with us is simple consultation or interactive reports – production of the tactics, which is necessary for correct implementation of examination’s program (if treatment is possible). Detailed analysis of the data, received from the patient аre done with the help of artificial and human intelligence technology, which helps to see trends in the disease’s course.

Chief Medical Officer of the clinics

Doctor of the highest category Vdovin Valentin I.

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