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Медицина - О НАС
Автор: Vdovin Valentin I.   
04.08.2008 10:19

Science is under way. It is moving forward developing more and more ways to make human’s life better - more comfortable and, what is more important, - longer. The latter problem has been successfully solved by modern medicine. It’s constantly developing and increasing the possibility of medical treatment from intractable illness.

ЧИТАЙ ТАКЖЕ - Диагностика и лечение в Таганроге

Every year talented scientists create new drugs against various diseases, developing new methods of diagnosis and treatment. Unfortunately, they couldn’t be applied. After all not all hospitals are able to keep pace with progress.

First, innovative technologies are very expensive and not every medical centre can afford it. Second, not every doctor is ready to learn again.

In fact, only talented and open-minded person who follows modern trends can afford a constant professional development.

However, despite all the difficulties, progress in medicine is provided only by those hospitals, which are not afraid of changes. These medical centers pay great attention to constant raising of the level of their skills and constant communication with patients.

After all, due to individual approach and indifferent attitude towards the patient you can achieve best result and detect the disease on the early stage.

In such a sense, the use of modern information technologies presupposes firstly, not only employment of scientifically advanced methods, but also a fully-fledged communication between a doctor and a patient. In result a doctor diagnose.

For example, online consultations (as well as the use of other Internet capabilities) are recognized throughout the civilized world way to monitor the condition of the patient, when communication with another doctor, unfortunately, is impossible.

Specialists of Medical-Diagnostic Center of Demonstrative Medicine are working closely with major regional health centers (Rostov Medical University, the Research Institute of Obstetrics and Pediatrics, SRI Anti-plague Institute, Southern Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences), leading laboratories, hospitals and universities of the country. This helps to solve the most complicated problems and diagnose the most complicated diseases. Thanks to this method it is not necessary for the patient to be examined in different hospitals.

Important! We hold Online-consultations on russian language. Our task is to help you to analyze both medical documents and diagnosis, to help you draw up a plan for your future examination or adjust existing diagnosis and recommend you specialist for a particular case. You have to provide scanned copies of all tests made (if it’s possible), pay a check and you will get the most complete information on the topic that you are interested in.

Data processing could take several days. If you want to know more details about online consultations, you should visit this page.

You can get complete voluminous examination of your organism in our centre. Analysis of immune and hormonal status, diagnosis of infections and viruses (from 35 to 170) are made in our center. We consider thorough and purposeful examination of cancer diseases on early stage to be the main trend in our work. Knowledge technologies such as gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, PCR studies, etc. are the main ones in our center’s work.

Not by a chance our center is named The Center of Demonstrative Medicine. We can’t stand rough results and defective diagnoses. The diagnosis which are made by specialists of The Centre are based only on exact data. These data are obtained with the help of modern medical technologies, that’s why the diagnosis is the most accurate and it could serve as a guarantee of adequate and valid therapy.

Head physician, doctor of higher category, Valentin Ivanovich Vdovin.

For that you need previously to coordinate the service cost in

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Our clinic will give you the unique possibility to make this high-informative examination.

Head physician, doctor of higher category Valentin Ivanovich Vdovin .
Our specialists can come to your place, Phone +7 (8634) 36-46-01



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